Several of our members provide training, tools and services to help manufacturers and end-users such as DSO’s to be successful with G3-PLC. They can work with you to develop new applications and new devices using G3-PLC or to solve any problems you may encounter in developing your product or working with G3-PLC.

These services are currently provided by Neuron (Switzerland) and Trialog (France). More companies offering such services will follow here soon. See below for a summary of their services and how to contact them.


Based in Switzerland, Neuron ( offers a portfolio of products and services that facilitate use of G3-PLC for all stakeholders including End-Users (e.g. Utilities), Vendors and Test-labs.

  • nBox-Tool analyser for R&D teams as well as Field Engineers. For R&D teams, protocol dissectors for G3-plc as well as upper DLMS layers enable quick and easy resolution of issues in development. Field Engineers on the other hand benefit from features such as per subcarrier-based noise analysis and reception quality in addition to protocol analysis. Additional field use features include mobile device support, 3-phase analysis, power-backup, ruggedized housing and data-logging.
  • Hardware and Software licenses targeted for Device vendors that enable quick development of mature G3-plc based products. Hardware license includes complete design of Utility Grade device ready for installation in Substations. Software license includes a framework of G3-PLC protocol stack, DLMS Client and associated applications.
  • In addition, Neuron offers a Services portfolio that includes:

      - Site analysis and Survey
      - Post processing and analysis of nBox-Tool logs
      - Customized and turnkey R&D
      - Training on G3-PLC and DLMS