What you need to know about the G3-PLC technology

It is the future of Asian electric grids.

A radical change is sweeping energy generation and distribution systems across the world. The rapid adoption of renewable energy sources means that electric grids need to become smarter, and energy companies must find the right technology in order to keep up with consumers’ swiftly changing energy consumption habits.

“Tomorrow’s electric grid will be totally different,” said Bernard Lassus, chairman of the G3-PLC Alliance.
“The management of this grid will be totally different. We will need data in order to manage this grid,” he said, speaking at the sidelines of the Alliance’s annual general assembly in Paris, France. Lassus noted that the increasing popularity of renewable energy sources, such as the rising use of photovoltaic cells, means that even ordinary consumers can now be producers of energy.

Technology has blurred the traditional line between energy producers and consumers. Against the backdrop of these changes, the G3-PLC Alliance advocates efficient grid management through the use of smart and reliable communication technology.