G3-PLC Alliance re-elects executive board and welcomes new members

The G3-PLC Alliance held its Strategic Steering Committee meeting on 1st February 2018 in Paris and is happy to announce the main outcomes.

G3-PLC Alliance re-elects its executive board
The alliance's attending members elected the executive board and in result confirmed the current chair for two more years in office. Bernard Lassus, Director at Enedis, in charge of the smart metering program called Linky Program, has been re-elected as the chairman of the G3-PLC Alliance. Marc Delandre, Metering Division Director at Enedis, was re-elected general secretary of the alliance, and Eric De Benedictis, as treasurer.

G3-PLC Alliance welcomes new members from China
Furthermore, the alliance decided on recent membership applications and welcomed three new members from China, which illustrates the growing importance of G3-PLC technology in the Chinese market: Vertexcom Technologies, ZTE Corporation and Kelin Electric.

Vertexcom Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company focusing on the design and development of smart grid and industrial IoT solutions. During the last years, the R&D team of it's affiliate Vangochip Technologies has intensively invested in developing G3-PLC platform, and was the first in Taiwan and mainland China to receive the G3-PLC certification.

ZTE Corporation is a leading company dedicated on R&D, manufacturing and sales of mobile communications equipment. In 2010, ZTE entered the power industry and set up a smart electricity research and development center for AMI platform, intelligent digital concentrator and smart meter development.

Kelin Electric is specialized in the field of design, manufacturing, research and maintenance of the entire scope of electrical power distribution and metering. It's product series is focusing on smart metering and AMI system. Currently there are over 6 million Kelin Energy meters running in over ten different countries, while most of them are smart meters.

The alliance now counts about 90 companies all over the world, which points out the growing international importance of G3-PLC technology.

On 17th April 2018, the G3-PLC Alliance will hold its next General Assembly Meeting in Shanghai. The recurring meeting is an important event within the consortium to discuss current topics and upcoming challenges.

About the G3-PLC Alliance
The G3-PLC Alliance was formed in order to support, promote and implement G3-PLC in smart grid applications. Its members come from the key stakeholders in the smart grid ecosystem. The objectives of the G3-PLC Alliance consortium are to support G3-PLC in internationally recognized standards bodies to achieve the rapid adoption of G3-PLC specification worldwide and to develop a framework for equipment testing to facilitate interoperability among adopters. Moreover, the Alliance educates the market and promotes the value, benefits and applications of G3-PLC.

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Marc Delandre
G3-PLC Alliance General Secretary