G3-PLC Alliance at African Utility Week 2019

G3-PLC Alliance attends the upcoming African Utility Week from 14th to 16th May in Cape Town. As the G3-PLC technology expands to new markets, the African Utility Week marks an increasingly important stage for the alliance within it's annual trade fairs calendar. On a 18m2 booth at African Utility Week, the G3-PLC Alliance demonstrates the impact and advantages of G3-PLC.

Leon Vergeer, G3-PLC Alliance General Secretary, says, “The African Utility Week is an important event for G3-PLC-Alliance and an excellent opportunity to showcase the use of G3-PLC in smart grid applications. We look forward to discuss the technology's future perspectives with different stakeholder groups, considering the local specificities in Africa.”

Certification program and showcase of meters
The G3-PLC Alliance operates a certification program to facilitate interoperability between all the adopters of the G3-PLC standard. Certification covers chipsets and a wide range of G3-PLC products. The G3-PLC Alliance has certified nearly 300 devices from almost 50 different manufacturers so far. A selection of certified meters from alliance members will be showcased at the African Utility Week booth.
Recently, the alliance certified the first product for CENELEC B for M&F SMART TECHNOLOGY. M&F is part of LEF group, which develops among others powerline communication technology for railways and railway stations smart management. LEF is the first company to have certified a device compliant with the G3-PLC protocol in CENELEC B band opening the way for use of this technology in civil and industrial applications.

Applications and G3-PLC demonstration suitcase
At the booth, a lot of information about applications and projects using G3-PLC will be available. The use cases range from applications in smart metering, street lighting, home energy management systems and electrical vehicle charging to railway communication.
Furthermore, a G3-PLC demonstration suitcase will be featured, allowing to perform a realistic demonstration of a G3-PLC based metering system. With rollout and operation, PLC network characterization, certification and field diagnosis, the suitcase covers the simulation of all steps for a G3-PLC pilot.

Alliance presents itself with new voted steering committee
The alliance presents itself for the first time at a Utility Week with a newly formed steering committee. In the first quarter of this year, the election of the G3-PLC Alliance Steering Committee resulted in three changes. Marc Delandre has been elected Chairman of the G3-PLC Alliance. Marc Delandre, currently Director of the ENEDIS Metering Division and working for 30 years for EDF Group (R&D, Business Entities, Network Division), gave the floor to Leon Vergeer, who has been elected General Secretary. Leon Vergeer has been working as a management consultant for over 20 years. He worked for a wide range of international clients in a variety of industries. He has broad experience in utilities and worked in the smart metering program of Enexis in The Netherlands. He has been working with the G3-PLC Alliance since 2014 in setting up and later coordinating the G3-PLC certification program. Thirdly, Cédric Lavenu has been elected Chairman of the Specification Maintenance Technical Working Group. Cédric Lavenu is expert research engineer at EDF R&D, where he has been working in the field of powerline communications and related smart grid applications for more than 10 years. He has made significant contributions to the G3-PLC standard within the G3-PLC Alliance and is active in various Standard Development Organizations such as IEC, CENELEC, IEEE and IETF.

G3-PLC Alliance will be found at booth D.34. A lot of member companies exhibit at African Utility Week as well, with several member representatives being also present at the G3-PLC Alliance booth. For appointment requests please contact Leon Vergeer by e-mail to leon.vergeer@g3-plc.com.

About G3-PLC
G3-PLC is a protocol for narrow band low frequency powerline communications. G3-PLC facilitates high-speed, highly-reliable, long-range communication over the existing powerline grid. With the ability to cross transformers, infrastructure costs are reduced and with its support of IPv6, G3-PLC will support powerline communications into the future.

About the G3-PLC Alliance
The G3-PLC Alliance was formed in order to support, promote and implement G3-PLC in smart grid applications. Its members come from the key stakeholders in the smart grid ecosystem. The objectives of the G3-PLC Alliance consortium are to support G3-PLC in internationally recognized standards bodies to achieve the rapid adoption of G3-PLC specification worldwide and to develop a framework for equipment testing to facilitate interoperability among adopters. Moreover, the Alliance educates the market and promotes the value, benefits and applications of G3-PLC.

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Leon Vergeer
G3-PLC Alliance General Secretary