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The G3-PLC, or 3rd Generation Power Line Communication, is a plug-and-play solution that uses the existing electric networks to carry information, so installation efforts are minimal. It is a radio-free solution that allows consumers to effectively monitor and manage their electricity consumption. Marc Delandre, general secretary of the G3-PLC Alliance, noted that it is a global standard that does not require any license fees.

"G3-PLC will still exist in 20 or 40 years, since it’s a mature but evolving technology, with always a backward compatibility with the previous version," he added. The technology is used around the world in smart metering, home energy management, street lighting, renewable energy, and electronic vehicle charging spots.

Lassus noted that 1 million G3-PLC products are on field today. The Alliance aims to have 10 million by 2017, and 100 million by 2020. The Alliance The G3-PLC alliance is a consortium created in 2011 by 12 founding members to standardize and promote the G3-PLC technology on a worldwide scale.

It has more than 70 member companies today, including those from Japan, Singapore, China, India and Taiwan.

With reports from Roxanne Uy

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